District will not renew football coach's contract

Brian Montgomery

Brian Montgomery

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SNELLVILLE -- An official with Gwinnett County Public Schools confirmed Tuesday that the contract for Shiloh High School's football coach will not be renewed.

The news comes on the heels of an investigation into the actions of Coach Brian Montgomery for alleged recruitment violations.

Spokesperson Sloan Roach with Gwinnett County Public Schools said that in late March the Georgia High School Association contacted Shiloh High School "requesting information to help GHSA with its investigation into alleged recruitment violations by (Montgomery)."

"As a result, Gwinnett County Public Schools has launched an investigation into this matter," Roach said. "As part of that investigation the district is reviewing alleged recruitment practices at that school."

Roach said that Montgomery was "notified on April 16 that the district would be recommending his non-renewal to the board at the April 19 BOE meeting. Our human resources investigation should be closing soon."

Montgomery has been temporarily reassigned to the district's Instructional Support Center in Suwanee. This was Montgomery's first year at Shiloh High School.

Roach said the investigation has specifically dealt with GHSA's "recruiting and undue influence bylaws."

"As a district, we believe in the strict adherence to all rules and regulations in regards to the eligibility of our students and hold our staff to the same expectations," Roach said.

Mike Phillips, interim athletic director at Shiloh High School, said he was aware of the situation but declined to comment. District Athletic Director Mike Emery also declined to comment. Attempts to reach Montgomery on Monday and Tuesday were unsuccessful.

Steve Figueroa, director of media relations with GHSA, declined to comment pending results of the investigation by Gwinnett County Public Schools, which the district said is ongoing.

According to the GHSA's bylaws, recruiting and undue influence is defined as "the use of influence by any person connected directly or indirectly with a GHSA school to induce a student of any age to transfer from one school to another, or to enter the ninth grade at a member school for athletic or literary competition purposes, whether or not the school presently attended by the student is a member of the GHSA."

Sports Editor Will Hammock contributed to this report.


BenDover 3 years, 4 months ago

Man, the guy loses his job for "Alleged recruiting violations"... Take a look at Milton's Basketball team....He77, his team was 2-8, are you kidding me... At least he didn't change any CRCT answers....To release him for alleged, and not proof positive.... there has to be more to this story...


lang007 3 years, 4 months ago

It is hard to comment on this issue if we do not have ALL the facts. If it has gone this far they must have something


TOWG 3 years, 4 months ago

Once again Shiloh High parents, students and athletes get shortchanged by GCPS. In four years I've seen 2 different principals, 3 different Athletic directors,3 different football coaches. I have watched coaches quit in mid-season and quit at the literal beginning of seasons. What will it take for the adults in charge to start setting an example for these young kids? Anyone who had anything to do with the decisions that led to this embarrassment has got to go. The same group making the same poor decisions is not the way to get out of this mess.


Bruce 3 years, 4 months ago

There is more. I hope they get them all which means at least one more perennial loser, and at least one perennial winner. Get 'em.


mm27 3 years, 4 months ago

Have any of you read the AJC article where the kid admits it??? The Coach straight asked him(and a few others) to move and come play ball. It doesn't get any plainer then that. You can speculate all you want on the other schools. But this was in plain Black & White...


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