Lawrenceville father, son drown in Lake Lanier

GAINESVILLE (AP) — Hall County authorities say the bodies of a father and his teenage stepson from Lawrenceville were pulled from Lake Lanier.

Reports say 40-year-old Jose Alfredo Benitez was trying to rescue 14-year-old Carlos Amaya on Saturday when both went under at Mountain View Park.

Sgt. Stephen Wilbanks said investigators believe the teenager was attempting to swim across a cove around 7 p.m. when he became distressed. When the father attempted to help his son, both of them went under.

The drownings were the first of the year in Lake Lanier.


roaads1 2 years ago

What a tragic story. God comfort the family. So sad.


Jen1981 2 years ago

I went to the lake on saturday, and when I was there with my children I was thinking about last year's tragedies, so sad this happend, lots of prays for their families. Muy lamentable perdida, les deseo mucha resignacion a su familia.


sbratton 2 years ago

Tragedies like this get reported all too often with no information on how they can be prevented. Lake drownings are often the result of people who become caught in mud or other underwater obstacles and then panic and unintentionally keep the person who comes in to save them underwater. The news media is in a unqie position to be to not only report tragedies like this but to educate the public by providing information of how to prevent them.


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