First round of Sugar Hill mosquito sprayings coming in May

SUGAR HILL -- This is your formal warning, mosquitoes -- the city of Sugar Hill is out to get you.

Beginning next month, Sugar Hill will initiate the first of its mosquito sprayings throughout the city, a project aimed at minimizing the risk of diseases spread by the annoying little insects. While populations can't be completely eliminated, the city is again putting its best foot forward to keep them in check.

On the week of May 14, a city vehicle will spray streets and subdivisions north of Ga. Highway 20 with an insecticide fog that is sensitive to sunlight and water. Sprayed overnight, the EPA-registered insecticide will work overnight before being rendered harmless once the sun comes up.

On the week of May 21, streets and subdivisions within city limits and south of Ga. Highway 20 will be sprayed.

The same process will be repeated in June and July.

Early in the "mosquito season," city officials also dispense larvicide tablets in areas of stagnant or standing water in order to prevent new generations of mosquitoes from forming.

For more information, visit www.cityofsugarhill.com. If you have concerns or medical issues, call City Hall at 770-945-6716.