Atlanta transit agency approves expansion plans

ATLANTA (AP) -- Atlanta transit system board members are moving ahead with plans to expand rail service on the eastern edge of the city, mostly in DeKalb County.

MARTA board members voted Monday to proceed with a $3.5 billion plan to expand the service. However, officials say the expansion may not happen unless voters approve a regional sales tax in July.

The board decided to seek $1.6 billion in federal funds to build the Clifton Corridor light rail from the Lindbergh Center station in Atlanta to the Avondale station east of Decatur. The board also approved plans to create an all-day express bus service from south DeKalb County to job centers in the metro area.

MARTA is short for Metropolitan Atlanta Regional Transit Authority.


JV 2 years, 8 months ago

Say What? From the April 3d GDP: MARTA warns of potential for deep cuts

"ATLANTA (AP) -- An executive with Atlanta's public transit agency says it needs to start preparing for deep service cuts partly because the Georgia Legislature decided not to lift regulations on how much it can spend on operations. MARTA General Manager Beverly Scott said Monday the agency will have to "gut" significant parts of the service."


JohnGalt 2 years, 8 months ago

So you are planning a $3.5Billion (That's "B" for BILLION) are ya?

Here ya go…

Do a little research on the AJC for this little GEM! “MARTA Chief warns of $2.3 billion in unfunded maintenance needs” I’ll help you out...it was published September 26, 2011. LOL! You just can't make this CRAP up!

So we are short $2.3Billion to address maintenance issues,yet somehow we're mysteriously going to produce $3.5Billion for this expansion?

Does anybody besides me see something very wrong with this picture? Either the general public has a very short memory or MARTA officials think we're all as stupid as they are.


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