G-Braves grant to fund art displays at schools

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Gwinnett's professional baseball team is helping out to provide art sponsorships for students.

The recipient of the Gwinnett Braves monthly $1,000 grant is the North Gwinnett Arts Association, which will help provide students with a platform for their art to be viewed and establish an art ambassador program.

Vickie A Johnson, the president of the North Gwinnett Arts Association said she hopes to use to money to begin a school sponsorship program, since many art programs are suffering from low funding. Often, she said, some schools have no display space for artwork.

"Title 1 schools will be the first recipients of this funding, and the arts program at Central Gwinnett High School has been selected to receive assistance in promoting student recognition while encouraging the transition to college for students who have talent and desire to be involved in the arts industry," Johnson said in a press release.

The grant will provide a boost to the organization, which typically raises funds through member fees, commissions on the sale of arwork and three annual art events.

Plans for the in-school gallery include cabinets painted and modified to serve as a display space for 3D artwork, pedestals to accommodate larger pottery pieces and a hanging system to display 2D artwork. A sign will be constructed to designate the chosen area as a student gallery, and a senior art show will be showcased as the the first event. Remaining funds will be be put toward establishing an art ambassador program, allowing local artists to demonstrate within schools and share career options, the press release said.

"Grant funds will allow us to provide a list to Gwinnett County High School art teachers of local artists who are available for visits and their media of specialty," Johnson said. "Artists who participate in the program will then be given mileage reimbursement also through grant funds."