Georgians have last chance at $31M in tax refunds

ATLANTA (AP) — April 17 isn't just this year's deadline to submit a federal return for 2011. It's also the last chance for people who paid income tax in 2008 and didn't file a return for that year to put in a claim for a refund.

The Internal Revenue Service says about $1 billion in unclaimed refunds is out there from 2008, and about 1 million people are eligible to receive a piece of it.

In Georgia, there are nearly 36,000 people who could have a refund coming to them. The potential total of their refunds from 2008 is nearly $31 million.

The law gives taxpayers three years to submit their claim, making the deadline April 17. The money that's unclaimed goes to the U.S. Treasury.


kevin 3 years, 4 months ago

I guess the CPA's in Georgia would charge more to prepare the return than the person would get back in refunds so they don't bother. Many probably have died since 2008. Relatives should be checking into that. Then again, people like to complain about paying too much tax but yet don't bother to file.


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