THE DISH: Bleu House Market


The bright eatery offers all types of comfort food with a new spin on it and baked goods made in-house.


Bleu House Market serves, from left clockwise, gazpacho, the College sandwich, eggplant rotini, broccoli salad, portabello stacks and French macarons.


• The Thrasher wrap — Salmon, Asian noodles, greens and peanut sauce served with one side, $7.25

• The Parkside sandwich — Flank steak, bleu cheese, marinated red onions, basil pesto pressed on Focaccia bread served with one side, $7.25

• Bleu plate lunch special — Choice of meat and three sides, $8

• Cranberry salad — Dried cranberries, walnuts, toasted ramen noodles, broccoli, Romaine lettuce with sweet and sour cranberry dressing with grilled chicken, $7.25


Bleu House Markey

Bleu House Markey

Bleu House Market

62 College St., Norcross



-- Open since: November 2010

-- Owners: Husband and wife John and Maureen Adams, plus daughter Nicole Adams

-- Location: Bleu House Market is located close to the intersection of North Cemetery and College streets in a little blue house with a front porch.

-- Hours: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays, closed Sundays

-- Atmosphere: The blue house on College Street looks like just another house in the neighborhood, but it's actually a restaurant with home goods, fresh food and a cozy atmosphere.

Once you park in the back lot of gravel, pop in the back door to be greeted by one of the employees -- and if you need to wait for a table, enjoy taking a look around the place.

The walls are also blue and are covered with local art, little knickknacks and co-owner Nicole Adams' grandmother's antique spoons and plates. The tables and chairs are a mishmash, which adds to the comfortable atmosphere.

"It's very cozy. People feel like they're having lunch in someone's home," Nicole Adams said. "There are some home goods. We have gourmet salt, a few little antiques and handmade aprons. There are still elements for a market place, but it's definitely a sit down restaurant."

All of the home goods are on sale, including the gourmet salt. Adams can explain the difference between the Himalayan sea salt, pure Atlantic sea salt and sel gris de guerande -- and what recipes to use them in.

-- Menu: The fresh, homemade menu is a blend of the Adams family recipes and Chef Bryan Wyatt's creations. With their powers combined, there is a variety of places for every pallet, including gluten free and vegetarian options.

The Bleu House Market has fresh bread (made by brother, John) and baked goods (made by Adams). The restaurant prides itself in using the best quality, local ingredients when at all possible. They use local pork from Happy Hogs in Gay, which is a big hit. They cook a pork dinner every Thursday.

Every month, Adams and Chef Bryan work together to create a dinner menu for every day of the week, except Saturday and Sunday, which is portioned enough to feed two people.

"We always say, 'If you're leaving hungry, we didn't do our job right,'" Adams said with a laugh. "We want to give people a good portion of food -- a home cooked meal that isn't going to cost them an arm and a leg. That way people can feel like they're getting a good meal."

Food is also available in take-out for an easy dinner in the middle of the week.

-- Things you might not know: The Adams family also owns Bleu House Cafe down the road.