New London Theatre presents play in new venue


Special Photo: Jason Behret Musical comedy “Nunsense 2: The Second Coming” hits the stage at New London Theatre today through April 15.


• What: “Nunsense 2: The Second Coming”

• When: 8 p.m. today, 2:30 and 8 p.m. Saturday, 2:30 p.m. Sunday, plus April 13-15

• Where: New London Theatre, 2338 Henry Clower Blvd., Snellville

• Cost: $10 to $15

•For more information: Visit www.newlondonthea...

SNELLVILLE -- Snellville's New London Theatre moved across town to present its latest production, "Nunsense 2: The Second Coming," which plays today through April 15 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

A year ago, the small theater performed the series' first play, "Nunsense" and was ready to bring the next musical comedy to its stage.

"We did the first one a year ago with about the same cast. It was a huge success," said John Berlo, director of publicity and marketing at New London. "Even though it is about nuns, you don't have to be religious to enjoy the show. Me, myself, I'm Jewish and I enjoy the show. It's very much a crowd pleaser."

The one thing that the theater is excited about is performing in a new location. In February, New London announced the move due to financial reasons.

"Through the support of our patrons and benefactors, we have done our best to continue bringing you quality shows even through these unfortunate hard economic times," said Dawn Berlo, chairman of the board in a February email. "We just could not handle the high overhead of our lease and bills."

Then, New London was donated a new 6,000-square-foot location by Margins Charity Thrift and Variety Malls to continue producing plays.

"This is the first show in the new location and so far, it's working out great," John Berlo said. "It's been a lot of hard work by a lot of dedicated volunteers. It's definitely different than the old space, but it has a better feel to it."

Loyal staff and volunteers worked for months putting up new drywall, installing new seats, moving props, furniture and lights to the new building, and then some.

"It has been a labor of love," Berlo said. "Several people took vacation days to help us, especially in the home stretch, but I feel that the community has really come forward (to help). Now we have a great show in a great space."