Duluth Historical Society looking for green thumbs

Strickland House

Strickland House

DULUTH -- The Duluth Historical Society has opened a community garden at The Strickland House to get more people back on the property.

"That piece of property is historic ground and I've thought about putting something there for the past three years," said Judy Wilson, president of the Duluth Historical Society. "The spot is in a meadow with natural watershed and plenty of sun. I thought, 'What a beautiful place to put a garden.'"

For the past couple of months, the society has been working on the garden -- building the boxes, fertilizing and tilling the soil, and finding the right spot to catch rainwater.

With all of these resouces ready, gardeners are allowed to plant fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

"This is a perfect spot for someone who doesn't have any room to plant in their yard," Wilson said. "Sustainable living is such a buzz word right now. People have a chance to grow their own food."

The society paid out of pocket to create this garden, so they are charging to rent the boxes -- $100 for a large (4-foot by 8-foot) and $50 for a smaller size (4-foot by 4-foot).

As the garden attracts more gardeners, the society will continue to build more plots and boxes.

"We've done all the hard work and layout for everyone. We just need gardeners," she said.

For more information, email comgarden@duluthhistorical.org, call 770-232-7584 or visit duluthhistorical.org/commgarden.html.