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Killer Elite (R) The casting of three big stars (Robert De Niro, Jason Statham, Clive Owen) couldn't prevent this action shoot-em-up from tanking at the box-office on opening weekend and for good reason. The only OK thriller quickly turns into just another generic yawner. 2 stars -- Michael Clark

The Man Who Fell to Earth (R) Taking an already long (138 minutes), borderline sci-fi flick and tacking on 20 unreleased minutes only makes it (in this case) more confusing and tedious. Only very dedicated fans of leading man David Bowie will find it at all worthwhile. 2 -1/2 stars-- MC

Moneyball (PG-13) Brad Pitt stars as real-life baseball eccentric Billy Beane in this overlong comedic drama which contains the kind of insider minutia that will thrill hard-core fans of the sport but will exhaust the patience of most novices. Thorough but mostly dull. 2 -1/2 stars-- MC

Thunder Soul (PG) This inspirational, life-affirming documentary about a Texas high-school band leader bursts out of the gate but soon falls prey to too many predictable music-doc cliches that will only be fully appreciated by musicians, funk fans and '70s archivists. 2 -1/2 stars-- MC