Crews continue to work on U.S. 78 after water main damage

LOGANVILLE — Crews will work Monday to repair the highway damaged by a major water main break Thursday.

By Friday afternoon repairs were complete on the pipe that busted along U.S. Highway 78 at 2 a.m. Thursday, causing flooding in a mobile home park and damaging the highway at Langley Road.

Three lanes will remain open on U.S. 78 through the weekend.

As of noon Friday, officials said the 48-inch pipe is repaired and was filling. Water pressure was expected to return to normal that afternoon, said Gwinnett spokesman Joe Sorenson.

On Monday, crews will turn to the job of repairing the roadway, which buckled with the pressure of the water before the asphalt was torn away to get to the pipe. Work is expected to be complete later that day.

The road was shut down for about 12 hours Thursday, but crews opened three lanes, varying the direction to allow more traffic in and out of Atlanta during rush hours. On Monday, that pattern will continue until the repairs are complete, Sorenson said.

The cause of the break and the cost of the repairs are still unknown.