Obituary causes confusion in Dacula

DACULA -- When Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks called his friend's home Friday, he was glad to hear him answer the phone.

"I see you're still alive," Wilbanks said to Gene Greeson, a former councilman.

Wilbanks wondered about his colleagues health after reading of the death of another man of the same name in the newspaper obituaries.

Ewell "Gene" Greeson, who also lived in Dacula, died Wednesday. The 74-year-old was an inventor and author.

He was no relation to former Councilman Gene Greeson, who served the city for a decade until 2004.

Also a former member of the planning and zoning board, Greeson retired last year after having a heart attack.

His health was a concern throughout Dacula Friday, prompting dozens of calls to City Hall because of the obituary.

"It's very strange," Greeson, 63, said of the reports, adding that he did not know the man that shared his name and town.