Low lake level at Lanier allows for shoreline restoration

BUFORD -- A low lake level has one benefit, at least.

Even as officials warn boaters to be careful on Lake Lanier, with levels 10 feet below its 1,070 full pool level, Gwinnett commissioners signed off on the final work on a pipeline that could only occur when the levels are low.

Crews will take the next 60 days or so to restore the shoreline, which was impacted by the construction of a pipeline that flows treated wastewater into the lake.

The pipeline, which cost $72 million and three years to build, was opened in the spring of 2010. But the county had to wait on the shoreline work until the lake had reached a low acceptable to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which manages the lake.

On Wednesday, the Corps announced it would not accept dock permits until the level increased to 1,064 feet about sea level.

"The Corps advises boaters to take extra precaution due to lower lake levels," a press release said. "Boaters should be especially observant for underwater obstructions such as shallow areas, rocks, stumps and trees."