International Festival this Saturday in Norcross

NORCROSS -- Saturday begins a new chapter for the Gwinnett Village Community Alliance. They are hosting the first Gateway International Food and Music Festival at Lillian Webb Park in Historic Downtown Norcross

"We thought we needed to show of the multicultural elements of our community," Elizabeth Minton of the Gwinnett Village Community Alliance said. "There are such variations of the cultures in our area -- we need to share them."

The alliance is planning to have 20 vendors and 30 performers at the event. Some of the musical acts include Vanessa Deliz, SABOR! and Alicia Y Rumba Brava. Cultural dances from several countries will be demonstrated throughout the day-long festival. There are performances from Russia, Haiti, Taiwan, Indonesia, Nigeria and more.

"It's a little bit of everything from other cultures," Minton said. "We racked our brains to cover things from each culture."

Music and performances will add to the festival's environment, but the food will enhance the experience. There will be tasty bites from all over the world: Vietnamese, Moroccan, Cuban, European, Dominican and even Atlanta's own, King of Pops, who sells homemade popsicles. Many of the vendors are from restaurants the public may be familiar with in Gwinnett County, like Mojito's Cuban-American Bistro and Machu Pichu Restaurant while others are new to the radar -- this is the time to try them all.

"All I have to say is bring your appetite and an open mind," Minton said. "You will be amazed by the different cultures and cuisines. These people are in your neighborhood and may live right around the corner from you."

Admission is free.