'I Don't Know How She Does It' rates mediocre with Film Fans

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3 out of 4 stars

This fun-to-see movie addresses an all-too common problem of how we handle and juggle our responsibilities and relationships at home and at work. Sarah Jessica Parker, as a very busy Kate Reddy, was very believable and likeable in her role as a successful finance professional. I also enjoyed her supportive husband, Richard, played by a talented Greg Kinnear. Pierce Brosnan also did a good job in his role as a top executive, Jack.

There were many funny parts in the film and also some more tender, tear-jerker-type moments. I thought the script was quite entertaining and moved by quickly and was a good look at priorities.-- Cindy Evans, Duluth1 out of 4 stars

This flick is more of a TV sitcom masquerading as a bona fide movie. The basic premise, proven false, is your life can spin in a thousand directions at once. The main star here is the engaging Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Kate. She is the effervescent woman who finds juggling her role as a wife, mother, friend and financial wizard is a bit impossible. Not a real revelation here, guys.

But Kate has a host of dysfunctional supporting cast members who provide little help. All except Pierce Brosnan are really staid and flat. Alas, Kate has a defining moment with her bosses' boss and the movie drifts into the deep abyss. However, despite such a weak offering, the movie "out of nowhere" ends with an extremely clever and funny line. Notwithstanding, this is a rock solid Redbox offering at best. It will struggle with establishing a diverse audience.-- Rick Wright, Auburn2 out of 4 stars

As a working mom, it was nice to spend 90 minutes watching someone else's hectic life instead of dealing with my own. That being said, this was not a perfect movie. It was predictable and perpetuated a lot of stereotypes. The acting was good, but I think that Sarah Jessica Parker was miscast in the lead. I had a hard time believing she was a financial analyst/harried mom. Even when she was supposed to be a complete mess, she still looked completely put together. I also would have enjoyed more development of the perfect stay-at-home mom character, Wendy Best. She was more of an afterthought. Overall, the movie made for a nice girls' afternoon, but no need to rush to theater for this one.-- Laurel Grams,