Drivers should avoid U.S. Highway 78 after water main break forces repairs

LOGANVILLE — Some lanes of U.S. Highway 78 will soon be open in Loganville, hours after a water main break caused the southern Gwinnett route to close.

But officials say motorists should avoid the road, if possible, all day, since repairs are expected to take 16 hours.

The water main break occurred about about 2 a.m. Thursday, when about 20 homes in a mobile home park had to be evacuated.

The highway was shut down and has suffered damaged.

At about 1 p.m., officials are hoping to open the westbound lanes. To allow traffic in both directions, the turn lane and left westbound lane is allowing eastbound traffic, said Teri Pope of the Georgia Department of Transportation. That will shift later in the afternoon to allow two westbound lanes accommodate the evening rush hours, she said.

According to Joe Sorenson with Gwinnett’s government, the leak has been sealed and water service has been restored to much of the area.