ArtWorks! Gwinnett hosts open arts forum

DULUTH -- Monday night, ArtWorks! Gwinnett hosted a forum for elected officials, artists and nonprofit arts and culture organizations to come together in the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce to discuss ideas for the future of arts and cultural institutions of Gwinnett County. The forum was led by Executive Director of ArtWorks! Gwinnett Sally Corbett, County Chairman Charlotte Nash, and CEO of the Metro Atlanta Arts and Culture Coalition Flora Maria Garcia.

There were many positive things brought up in the forum in regards to the role art and culture play in supporting economic development, quality of life and regionalism. Artists from a variety of mediums were present to give their side of the story.

Near the end of the meeting, some issues that needed to be talked about were aired publicly. Many artists complained of their lack of funding, a shortage of a decent art supply store, the cost of workshops and the lack of publicity in local media.

"I think it's great that everyone is getting together to create a network," visual artist Mikki Root Dillon of Lilburn said. "I wish we had more time because I'm sure there are other issues that need to be brought forth, but it's a start."

The evening ended with Alex Medrano, who is a part of the Gwinnett Symphony Orchestra, playing a short piece with his cello. Afterward, all attendees entered the main hall to be served champagne and cupcakes to toast the official launch of ArtWorks! Gwinnett.

"I think it was a great night," Corbett said. "We had at least 10 great ideas that I know that I can use for moving ArtWorks! ahead -- to bring more workshops and things that interest the community. I'm excited about that."


BuzzG 3 years, 11 months ago

"many artists complained about the lack of funding."

Yes, so you want government to reach into my pocket and, under the threat of force, remove the money to pay you for arts which no one will willingly purchase.

You may call it "funding" if you want, but I'll call it what it rally is: theft.


AnnforArt 3 years, 11 months ago

Buzz No one is asking you to pay for a thing. Sorry you weren't there to hear the conversation.


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