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No one gave Mountain View a chance on Friday.

If anyone other than than the players or coaches on the team thought the Bears had a chance to beat Mill Creek, they were lying.

I'll be the first to confess, I didn't think they had a shot in the world. Even with Mill Creek quarterback John Russ out with a concussion, I still thought the Hawks would win convincingly.

Mill Creek is a team coming off a quarterfinals appearance, while Mountain View is a third-year school with its only Class AAAAA win over lowly Meadowcreek.

But the Bears have now made Region 7-AAAAA a lot more interesting. Norcross and North Gwinnett are locks to make the playoffs, but the other two spots are up for grabs. Who would have thought Mountain View would be up there with the big boys in the region standings? Not me, not you, only Coach Tim Hardy and his assistants and players.

I know it's only the region opener, but this game was big for the program and community. It reminds me of Grayson's third year in Class AAAAA. The Rams upset perennial region power Parkview for the first time. Or Peachtree Ridge's fourth year of existence when it reached the state finals.

Mountain View gets Peachtree Ridge this week and two weeks ago I would have picked the Lions as the heavy favorite, but not anymore. The learning curve for programs in Gwinnett County is fast. You either build your program quickly or you become the homecoming team week in and week out.

I hope Mountain Viewed enjoyed its big win over the weekend. They deserve it. It's nice being on top of the world for a moment. I just hope it's not short lived for the Bears.

In honor of Da Bears' first big win, here's a clip of Saturday Night Live's 'Da Bears. For anyone under 20 years old, this is back when SNL was really funny.

Don't sleep on Archer

Mountain View's sibling over in Region 8-AAAAA is Archer. The two schools opened the same year and Mountain View was the first to get that big win, but Archer was pretty close on Friday.

The Tigers nearly came back to beat Brookwood, losing 21-19. This is the same Archer team that defeated Mountain View earlier this year. And the same Archer squad that hung with Duluth.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Tigers beat someone they aren't supposed to this season.

There's no place like home

Buford opened the season with a road game and the Wolves won't play another away game until Oct. 6.

I didn't realize this until last week, but Buford has seven regular season home games and maybe an eighth later this season.

The Wolves were supposed to play Yulee (Fla.) at Westminster, but ESPN changed the location. Friday's win over Therrell was supposed to be an away game and I haven't gotten conformation on the reason for the location change.

The Wolves could get an eighth home game with the region play-in game at the end of the regular season.

That's quite an advantage for a Buford program that hasn't lost a home game since the 2006 state playoffs.

Back to 2010 for South, Central

Last year South Gwinnett had one of the county's best offenses and Central Gwinnett had one of the county's worst defenses.

Through the first three games this year it was flipped. South struggled on offense, while Central found a way to stop people.

They reverted to their old ways on Saturday in the Georgia Dome.

South Gwinnett's offense came alive with 63 points on Saturday, while Central went back to its old ways of giving up too many points.

The 63 points scored by South is more than it scored in its first three games combined this year. The offensive output might be the spark the Comets needed to get back in the playoff hunt.

Central Gwinnett was expected to make the leap from region bottom dweller to region contender. The Black Knights have to find a way to fix their defense if they want to compete with the big boys of Region 8.

Collins Hill, Duluth season on the line

I know it's only the second week of region play this Friday, but I think the loser of the Collins Hill-Duluth game won't make the playoffs. I don't see how the loser of that game can get back in the playoff picture.

Collins Hill is in the same spot it was last year with a 1-3 record, but I don't know if they have the magic to turn it around again this year.

Duluth hasn't beat Collins Hill since 2001 and the Wildcats need a win over a team they are not supposed to beat to have a shot for the postseason.

Shiloh's Clark an emerging star

Shiloh receiver Donald Clark may not get much recognition because he plays on a team hasn't been very successful in recent years. But Clark is one of the best receivers I've seen in a while.

He doesn't have that big receiver size like Norcross' Jason Croom, but has some really impressive speed and hands.

The shifty Clark made a great leaping catch in traffic to set up Shiloh's first score against Parkview and he showed his speed on some shorter routes. That's a week after putting on a dazzling performance against South Gwinnett.

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Notsofastmyfriend 2 years, 7 months ago

Brandon, you might want to spend some time investigating the TRUTH on the supposed "Mountain View signature win". Everyone knows that the GDP hasn't always provided alot of objective reporting for Coach Jarvis at Mill Creek - so why start now. Do some homework and you will find that this is the second time this season that MC was excessively penalized. If you will check with the GHSA and Coach Jarvis you will find out that crew that worked the MV /MC game made up calls throughout the game. Calling back play after big play. Check with the GHSA they will let you know if this crew will be working or not the rest of season. Sadly, the players for Mill Creek don't deserve this type of treatment and this "upset" is a travesty at best.


ACC12_SEC13Booster 2 years, 7 months ago

"No one gave Mountain View a chance on Friday..I'll be the first to confess, I didn't think they had a shot in the world. Even with Mill Creek quarterback John Russ out with a concussion, I still thought the Hawks would win convincingly...Mill Creek is a team coming off a quarterfinals appearance, while Mountain View is a third-year school with its only Class AAAAA win over lowly Meadowcreek."

Even though Mill Creek won two playoff games and made the State Quarterfinals last year and is expected to build off of that postseason success going forward, the Hawks still lost alot of experienced and veteran skill players to graduation.

While the Hawks have an abundance of talent on the roster, that abundant talent is still alot younger and less experienced in 7-AAAAA varsity play than last year's team that grew into contenders together which meant that the Hawks would be very dependent on John Russ' veteran leadership of a very talented, but kind of young roster.

John Russ' absence was the PERFECT opening for Mountain View to pull the upset shocker, especially since at the moment, no one on the Hawks' roster quite has the experience or skillset to lead the team and run the offense from the quarterback position like does Russ.

All-in-all the Bears' win over the Hawks is still a monumental win for a young third-year expansion program competing in one of the toughest regions/conferences for high school football in the country.

The significance of the Bears' victory over a Region 7-AAAAA contender in the Hawks cannot be understated.

This is definitely a win for the Bears' program and the Mountain View community to build off of moving forward, but from this point on in the season, the Bears are not going to be able to sneak up on P'tree Ridge, North Gwinnett and Norcross like they were able to do on a talent-loaded, but youthful and inexperienced Mill Creek roster that was missing their leader as the rest of the region is now very aware of what the Bears are capable of if teams take them lightly.


ACC12_SEC13Booster 2 years, 7 months ago

"Don't sleep on Archer"

I agree. While the Tigers are only 1-3 on the season, they have represented themselves very well this year in holding Grayson to only 34 points (after getting shutout by the Rams and giving up 55 points to them last year), beating Mountain View and nearly upsetting an improving Duluth program and the defending state champs Brookwood.

The Tigers still have a helluva lot of building to do before they can even think of contending for a playoff spot, but the Tigers are playing with pride as if they believe they can against some of the toughest competition in the nation.

The Tigers are showing up every week and playing to win in rugged Gwinnett AAAAA football and that's all that counts. The Tigers are clearly playing as if they truly believe that they belong in 8-AAAAA and that in and of itself is inspiring.


ACC12_SEC13Booster 2 years, 7 months ago

"Back to 2010 for South, Central"

Looks like Mason Hart and the Comets finally picked-up the offense as fans sure got their money's worth and thensome in an awesome shootout game in the Georgia Dome.

For a prolific team like Central to score 55 points and still lose the game may at first glance seem like the defense went missing for the Knights, but in the Knights "defense" (no pun intended), the Comets scored 63 points and still only won by eight.

I don't know if the Knights being on the short end of a 63-55 score was so much the defense for them going missing as much as it was two really fast-paced, up-tempo, sped-up offenses matching up in a rivalry game that the Knights were poised to light up the scoreboard and the Comets just had to have to avoid falling into an ominous 0-4 hole on the season.

I know that both teams, Central especially, run that fast-paced West Coast passing spread style where the ball is frequently snapped every 15-20 seconds. I guess that Saturday's game between South and Central is what happens when you two teams that run that style expertly get together.


baileyfan 2 years, 7 months ago

Made up calls? Give me a break. Maybe Mill Creek get penalized so much because they commit so many penalties. In last years game Mill Creek had 13 penalties in the first half. I guess those officials cheated too? Mill Creek is the cockiest football team that has had only one good season. If whining and excuse making counted they would be National Champs. Give me break and take the loss with a little class. Opps, I forgot you can't but class, my bad.


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