LETTERS: Parker column missed the mark on 9/11

Last Sunday's 9/11 tribute edition was just about perfect. I was especially touched by the descriptions of our fallen military heroes from Gwinnett County. I was saddened though, to find in the editorial pages a critical and negative column by Kathleen Parker ("9/11's most damaging legacy -- a self-destructive national hysteria," Sept. 11, 8A) about how we have all become hysterical and crazy since 9/11.

It is a good thing to debate our actions as a country over the last 10 years. It's what well-meaning, thoughtful people do, but so often I feel we look for simplistic explanations for complicated problems. I lose patience with those who think that every problem is a sign that we have done something terribly wrong. We are an attacked people trying to defend ourselves against a hate-crazed enemy that does not fight fair.

I don't think that any of those brave, unselfish heroes of 9/11 or our military did anything wrong. That silly column was not worthy to be in the same paper with them.

Just for one day, I wish it could have been all about the heroes and victims of 9/11. They deserve it.

-- Mary Reed,