LETTERS: Local transit better in theory than practice

Barely used local transit's no good for most of Gwinnett

Gov. Deal, Terry Lawler and others talk a good talk about "local transit." But how may Gwinnett County citizens can ride a local bus without having to drive to a bus stop?

I thought buses were implemented to cut down on the use of cars. The local buses that I see on Ga. Highway 20 usually have no more than two riders, plus the driver. At this rate it may be more efficient to have a county operated taxi service if you live within walking distance of a bus stop.

The local bus service in Gwinnett County serves only a select few. According to the route map, to go from Lawrenceville to Lilburn, you would have to go through Norcross and change buses. No one can honestly say that is efficient bus service.

If I wanted to take a bus to Mall of Georgia, I could practically be there by the time I drive to a bus stop. Why not put transit money into sidewalks in Gwinnett County. As more shopping areas are being built, more people would walk if they had a safe walking area.

Why keep promoting something that is not user friendly by the majority of county residents. Other cities, where I have used the transit system, have citywide service. You can go to pretty much any part of the city by bus. Gwinnett County does not have cities, we have small downtown areas.

The Park and Ride appears to have enough riders to justify the buses, but not local transit.

-- Dewey Coates,