LETTERS: Regional coordination needed for local transit systems

Regional coordination needed for upcoming local transit systems

Last week, Gov. Deal took a bold and aggressive step to address one of metro Atlanta's transit challenges.

With the appointment of his Transit Governance Task Force, the governor asked 13 state and local elected officials to propose a legislative solution to Atlanta's regional transit governance issue.

With the overlapping of the existing transit systems in metro Atlanta, including MARTA, CCT, GCT, and GRTA's Xpress bus service, the efficient and seamless interconnectivity between each system is vital to the future of metro Atlanta's transit operations.

If the voters approve funding for a Clayton transit system, along with the possible establishment of commuter rail services in Spalding, Henry, Clayton and Fulton counties and light rail services in Cobb and Gwinnett counties, it becomes even more apparent that having multiple independent transit systems operating without some level of regional coordination and oversight is neither economical nor customer friendly.

The public should be able to access transit services anywhere in metro Atlanta with the knowledge they can travel to any destination seamlessly and easily.

The Regional Business Coalition, an association of Chambers of Commerce throughout the metropolitan Atlanta region, applauds Governor Deal for his actions and look forward to working with his task force to establish first-class transit services throughout the region.

-- Terry D. Lawler

Executive Director

Regional Business Coalition of Metropolitan Atlanta