OUR VIEW: 9/11 makes local impact as well

10 years later, 9/11's local impact endures

Ten years later, as we look back at that tragic day, we see just how much 9/11 has affected our community, both indirectly and directly. Many of us have had our thinking and outlooks changed by that fateful day and the direction it sent our country, but in the pages of today's Daily Post you will meet some of the local people directly affected by the events.

You'll meet sisters Cindy Rosario and Norma Carrion, former NYPD officers now living in Lawrenceville. And you'll read about their stories working in the aftermath of 9/11, battling emotions and fatigue while doing a job that had to be done, and one they wanted to do.

You'll meet retired Senior Master Sgt. Wanda Joell, who was aboard Air Force One on 9/11 serving as a flight attendant on the plane flying President George W. Bush. And you'll read about what it was like during the tumultuous hours after the attacks from the Suwanee resident.

From those stories and others, we see the direct connections 9/11 has had even here in Georgia, in our home county.

Today there will be numerous local public ceremonies recognizing the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and it will no doubt be a topic addressed in our churches as well. And between those ceremonies and sermons, and the stories we share in today's edition, we are reminded just how close to home this national tragedy hits.