Tile artwork still sought for Auburn mosaic

AUBURN -- It's not too late to etch your name -- or your artistic prowess -- into Auburn's history.

Back in July, patrons of the Independence Day Celebration in Auburn were asked to unleash their inner artisan during the festival for a permanent installation near downtown.

That effort to collect artistic contributions is still going strong, officials said this week.

At this weekend's Harvest of Art festival, Georgia Piedmont Arts Center officials sold ceramic tiles ($2 each or three for $5) for folks to paint. The tiles will be sealed and combined as part of a mural in a children's park on 3rd Avenue.

"This project is seen as a fun way to combine art, community involvement and outdoor aesthetics in downtown Auburn," said Kathleen Gill, GPAC president.

Gill encouraged festival patrons "to paint a picture, write a poem, be totally abstract, send a secret message, or simply sign your name or initials." The idea, she said, was to incorporate personal works of art as an integral part of a larger, permanent installation.

Officials hope to complete enough tiles to create a 30-square-foot mural, but those dimensions could expand with greater participation, Gill said.

Once tiles are completed and sealed, GPAC officials will design the mural and work with the city for installation, Gill said.

"The finished project will be around for a very long time for all to enjoy," Gill has said.

The not-for-profit center recently relocated from Winder to a historic house in downtown Auburn. Its mission is to "cultivate, facilitate and promote a community in which all art forms can thrive cooperatively," according to the center's website.

Officials declared their inaugural gallery show at the art cottage -- the winter-themed "Shades of White" -- a success earlier this year.

For more information, call the Georgia Piedmont Arts Center at 404-202-3044 or visit www.georgiapiedmontartscenter.com.