Daily Post readers remember 9/11

The Daily Post asked readers to share their memories and thoughts of 9/11 via Facebook and reporter request. Below are some of those remembrances from Gwinnett residents."I just woke up and came downstairs, the small TV was on. I saw just as the second plane hit. I thought it was a movie, so I changed channels, but it was all the same thing. I almost passed out. I was glued to the TV, crying uncontrollably. My husband called and said to fill one of the tubs up with water, in case they attempted to poison our water system. I put ammo in my Glock -- it didn't leave my side until my husband got home. My heart still aches for all those innocent people lost and their families. Ground zero is a rude awakening."-- Linda Bingham Hutchinson, Duluth"My husband, who is a Gwinnett County employee, and I were married Saturday, Sept. 8, 2001, in Northern Virginia, where I am originally from. We flew out of Dulles Airport on Monday, Sept. 10, (one day before the plane left Dulles and hit the Pentagon) to go on our honeymoon in the US Virgin Islands. Our first day of our tropical island honeymoon vacation was waking to the news of the attacks and watching the plane hit the tower from our beach-front hotel room. What were we to do? We had family and friends in the area and we were miles away from our homeland on an island in the Caribbean, supposed to be enjoying our honeymoon. As we celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary this year as well, it is still an oxymoron for us -- a time of such joy for us and such sadness for our country."-- Katie McClendon, Loganville"I had just gotten off of a 24 hour shift at Gwinnett Medical. The TV was on as I came out of the shower. I saw a plane go into the first tower and I just stood there as my blood ran cold. I saw people jumping out of the towers; I saw the towers fall. The news was so awful as events unfolded all I could do was cry and pray. That day the people in these United States became as one. I forgot that I had not slept (the night before). I don't think anyone did for a long time."-- Karen Richmond, Lawrenceville"I had some surgery and was a patient at St. Joseph's Hospital. After the hit on the towers, the nuns came over the intercom saying prayers. I was discharged that morning. As we passed Lilburn Middle School, the American flag was flying upside down -- a distress signal. The good thing about (the event) was the increase in patriotism. I am one of the biggest supporters of our flag and America. It was nice seeing all the flags flying on homes and cars."-- Deanna Simmons, Lawrenceville"I called my 'cake lady' from work to confirm details for my upcoming wedding on Oct. 6. She asked me, 'Did you just see what happened?' referring to the first plane crash. I ran to turn on the break room TV and saw the second plane crash. I was at a day care and we all turned our radios to the news. We still allowed the children to go out on the playground. Our director arrived and asked us to bring the children in and turn off the radios. She said she'll keep us posted. We closed early that day. The first day flights reopened, my dad who would walk me down the aisle soon, had to be on one of those flights. The fear of him flying terrified me, even though security was at its highest. I didn't know anyone personally impacted, but my heart for this country is strong and I'm PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!"-- Michelle Buice, Suwanee"Retired Captain Dwayne Higgins and I were at Atlanta Hartsfield waiting to board a plane to Florida. We were scheduled to make an inspection trip for a few fire apparatus being built for the department. I was watching CNN at the terminal gate when the TVs were turned off. A large number of Delta employees began walking through the concourses, watching people and looking for any baggage sitting by itself.

An announcement was made that our flight was delayed but no one gave a reason. Wanting to see what was happening I walked to one of the restaurant kiosks located on the concourse. I saw the first tower burning and asked someone what happened. They told me a plane had struck the World Trade Center. Right after that I saw the second plane hit the other tower. I knew then we were under attack. I walked back to Dwayne and told him what had happened. I called my wife and mother to let them know I was ok.

We saw plane after plane landing and the passengers wondering what was going on. Several were extremely upset their plane had been diverted and had no clue why they were in Atlanta. As soon as they saw the television reports everyone knew what was happening.

An announcement was made for anyone who could leave the airport to do so. Dwayne and I headed for MARTA. Security was everywhere. When we arrived at the train all of the gates were open and people were being rushed onto the train. As we came through Atlanta, people were leaving their offices heading home to family not knowing if their building was next."-- Deputy Chief Charles Wells of the Gwinnett County Fire Department, who served as lieutenant at Station No. 1 at the time of 9/11