LETTERS: BOC should copy Coolray owner's business sense

BOC should copy Coolray owner's business sense

The article ("One Cool Deal," Sept. 4, C1) is a perfect example of why government can never replace capitalism (business) as an engine for growth in this country.

After all the rancor on taxes and floating bonds to build the Gwinnett stadium, it took a capitalist (business owner) to bring a profit-minded perspective to the deal. Thanks to Ken Haines' business sense, the citizens of Gwinnett County are now at least $350,000 better off. It is small business owners like Ken Haines who drive the economy in this country. By thinking about the bottom-line profit, he made a good business decision and has added $15 million in revenue for his company. I'm sure there are jobs associated with this growth, too. And he brought an idea that profited the Gwinnett Braves as well as the county.

How much better off would the county be if the Board of Commissioners were actually thinking like business people with a profit motive rather than a tax-and-spend government officials? Based on the news, it seems like the only capitalistic thoughts on the Board are how they can personally profit from under the table land deals.

I suggest the Gwinnett Board of Commissioners establish an external board of civic-minded business people to continually challenge them to think like good stewards (profit-minded business owners) rather than good bureaucrats. Perhaps if this were the case, your Labor Day cookout cartoon would not hit so close to home.-- Don Kemp