Residents tapped to help build Gwinnett budget

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Three Engage Gwinnett members will review Gwinnett finances as members of a county budget review team.

Chairwoman Charlotte Nash, who was a member of the 2010 study group herself, named five residents to look over financial numbers with her, as the county's 2012 budget is created.

The members are Herman Pennamon, community relations manager for Southern Company, David Crews, CFO of Viewpoint Health, Lois Love, a county retiree, Laurie McClain, a certified public accountant, and Norwood Davis, CFO of 12Stone Church. Pennamon, McClain and Davis were a part of the Engage Gwinnett process, which gave recommendations on how to cut expenses and boost revenues.

Beginning Tuesday, county department and agency heads will present business plans to Nash and the committee Those presentations will be made available on TVgwinnett and on demand at www.gwinnettcounty.com. The job may be difficult, with an expected drop in county tax revenues and $40 million in cuts already addressed in 2011.

"Despite decreased tax revenues resulting from the decline in property values, we were able to balance the 2011 budget due to hard work and sacrifices across the entire county organization," Nash said in a press release. "The coming year promises to bring similar challenges. The budget review team will have a tough job recommending spending priorities, but I have every confidence we will be successful."