Police: Lawrenceville Man Busted Tapping Fire Hydrant To Fill Pool

Richard Isaac 

Richard Isaac 

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Police arrested a Lawrenceville man this week on charges he siphoned 5,000 gallons of county water from a fire hydrant in an attempt to fill his swimming pool.

A neighbor called police just before midnight Tuesday to report Richard Isaac, 51, was stealing water to fill the backyard pool at his Mint Julep Court home.

A responding officer found a hose connected to the fire hydrant in question with an adapter, then followed it to Isaac's abode. Isaac tried to explain to police he was simply being frugal, according to a Gwinnett police report.

"Isaac told me that the last two times he filled his swimming pool it was too expensive, so this time he bought an adapter and connected his water hose to the fire hydrant," an officer wrote. "I explained to (him) that the fire hydrant was for emergencies."

The officer determined that Isaac's 25,000-gallon pool was about a fifth full. Isaac told police he had no permit to use the water, which was tapped from the county's system, the report says.

Isaac was arrested on misdemeanor theft charges and booked at the Gwinnett County Jail. He was also cited for attaching a hose to a fire hydrant when prohibited.