HAMMOCK: Gwinnettprepsports.com a great site for readers

Photo by Brandon Brigman

Photo by Brandon Brigman

It was a fall tradition I repeated virtually every morning as a young kid, but especially on Saturdays. I had to run to the driveway as soon as I could, to grab the newspaper.

The Saturday edition of the Gwinnett Daily News had all the high school football action and until I saw the paper, I had no idea what happened at the prep games across the county. I didn't even know the scores.

As the football has gotten better here since I grew up in the 1980s, so have the ways of accessing information on it. If I was a young football fan now, I'd be in hog heaven.

The Gwinnett Daily Post still arrives in your driveway for the dedicated newspaper readers, and for those who like to cut clippings for bulletin boards (I see those frequently at local high schools).

But technology now allows us to get that information out more quickly and in more organized fashion than ever to our readers. For rapid quarter-by-quarter scoring updates and brief stats, our Twitter account (twitter.com/gdpfootball) has been the place to go every Friday night since it launched in 2009.

Last week we added a valuable new piece to our high school sports package with our enhanced website, www.gwinnettprepsports.com.

While we've always had a web presence (and will continue to do so) at www.gwinnettdailypost.com, the new prep site is exactly that. All preps, all the time.

Gwinnettprepsports.com is designed to package high school sports news in the county in a format that is easily accessible to avid fans. Each high school has a page with specific stories and items related to that school, and each sport will be covered on the new site, from football to lacrosse, basketball to swimming.

The site's content is growing by the day and the future plans for it are pretty exciting. Our database of information here is unmatched, so down the road our readers will be able to access things like Gwinnett County prep sports records and statistics, our past Super Six and All-County selections and much more.

I just wish this was around when I was a kid.

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