Celtic Woman to record DVD at Fox

ATLANTA -- The all-female singing troupe Celtic Woman lands on U.S. soil to perform for two nights at the Fabulous Fox Theatre on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m.

They will be recording both shows for broadcast on Public Television and to release on DVD.

"I never, never, never say things like this, but the Fox is without a doubt one of our favorite places in the world to perform at," Chloe Agnew of Celtic Woman said. "That's why it's so fitting that we film our next DVD there."

At the Fox, the group will sing melodies from the future tour, but the set list is being kept very secretive to keep the audience on their toes.

"I don't know if I can tell you anything because everything is a big surprise," Agnew said. "I definitely have a few favorites (songs) from the new show."

One thing revealed about the concert is that it is composed entirely of music never before released to the public.

"This music is very different for us that I thought we'd never do it at Celtic Woman, but I'm so excited to create new songs," Agnew said. "It's truly a new everything."

The group was originally formed in 2004 by the Musical Director of Riverdance David Downes and producer Sharon Browne. Celtic Woman started with five women on stage for a one night show, but with its great success, the women continued touring.

"Me and the other girls had only met a few times before we performed together," Agnew said. "We had no idea what we were getting into."

Seven years later, Celtic Woman is an international success through DVDs, CDs and Public Television. They have never been played on the radio or made a viral YouTube video, yet the ladies continuously sell out shows.

They are bringing their music to new places, like New Zealand, Australia and Japan which means more touring and a larger fan base.

"Our music is only being discovered in other places," Agnew said. "We're opening up a whole new world and I don't know what lies around the corner for us."

She later added, "The music grows from strength. It's like watching a child grow and mature into something wonderful."

Agnew, Lisa Kelly and Celtic violinist Mairead Nesbitt welcome the newest member, Lisa Lambe to the taping.

If you do plan to attend these performances, the Celtic Woman may start and stop during the show for purposes of the filming. Those in the audience could appear in any piece of media to promote the group, including on the internet.

After this concert, the group won't return to Atlanta until Dec. 20 and will be accompanied by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.