Gwinnett County calls meeting at service delivery deadline

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Commissioners have scheduled a specially called meeting Tuesday night to purportedly fulfill a judge's order to create service district.

Last month, Enotah Superior Court Judge David Barrett ruled that the county cannot charge for services also delivered by city governments in a three-year lawsuit that has divided political officials.

Barrett's ruling calls for separate districts for charging tax rates for eight services, including police, fire and emergency services, transit, planning and development, solid waste, county administration and water and sewer.

It sets a Nov. 1 deadline for the formation of the district and accounting procedures, and a Nov. 21 deadline for cities to file any objections.

County attorneys filed an appeal and a motion seeking clarification of the ruling earlier this month, as well as motions, in both the Superior and Supreme Courts seeking a stay of the ruling until the appeal is heard.

Chairwoman Charlotte Nash had little to say about Tuesday's meeting, yielding to the advice of attorneys. Commissioners will meet in executive session at 5 p.m., then in open session at 6 p.m.

"We are still working through the process of what is going to happen," at the meeting, Nash said. "I can't really talk a lot about it since it is still in litigation."