The Hope Clinic hosting annual Circle of Hope Awards

BUFORD -- The Hope Clinic, a nonprofit medical clinic, is hosting its annual Circle of Hope Awards dinner to honor physicians and health care providers involved with the organization on Nov. 5.

"The Circle of Hope Awards dinner serves many purposes. It's both a way for us to thank the physicians and providers who make such a positive contribution to the Gwinnett community, and a way to help communicate our mission to the public," said Jessica Geller, director of clinic operations at the Hope Clinic. "It's our largest fundraiser and the money from the event goes towards patient care and operations at the clinic."

This year's honorees are Romeo Massoud, M.D., Stephen Salmieri, D.O., Jennifer A. Curtis, M.D., Richard S. Reagin, O.D., and Nicholas A. Tiliakos, M.D., Rheumatology. They have dedicated many hours of labor and medical help to the patients who needed assistance in Gwinnett County.

Besides paying homage to the doctors, this dinner also highlights the hard work contributed by the volunteers and residents in the past year.

The Hope Clinic provides care for those who cannot afford health insurance, small businesses who can't supply employees with insurance and those who are currently employed but under-insured.

The center stays open because doctors, nurses and residents volunteer regularly. Donations pay the bills as well as fund the difference between the cost of care and amount charged. The Hope Clinic calls this the "Compassion Gap."

The dinner benefits the clinic. It is open to the public.