Children's Restoration Network in need of Thanksgiving food donations

ROSWELL -- Children's Restoration Network is asking for donations: 2,500 turkeys, nonperishable items, canned goods and $15 gift cards for the Thanksgiving Food Drive Campaign, which ends Nov. 17.

The organization's goal is to fill the pantries of 134 shelters and group homes throughout the metro Atlanta area, including Gwinnett County.

Last year, they were able to collect 35,000 pounds of food and hope to "achieve that and more." The donated food feeds 2,500 homeless children and mothers during Thanksgiving.

"I think the community should help out because when these kids are in school, they hear their classmates talking about family coming to town and other neighborhood gatherings for the holidays, but they won't have that," CEO of CRN Cliff Kinsey said. "Group homes are fancy names for orphanages. If they had family that could take them, they wouldn't be living there."

Kinsey asks individuals, companies, neighborhoods, churches and any one else to hold collections. CRN provides boxes, fliers and equipment to help the independent food drives.

Volunteer openings are available in connection with the food drive. The organization needs people to sort donated goods, deliver food to places that doesn't have a mode of transportation and cook on site during Thanksgiving morning.

"There is limited space to cook, so volunteers would need to bring a cooked turkey or ham," Kinsey said. "If not, they would never be able to finish preparing the meal."

Gwinnett Children's Shelter, Partnership Against Domestic Violence and Rainbow Village benefit from the food drive.

For more information about the drive, volunteer opportunities or starting a collection, call Kinsey at 770-649-7117 or visit www.childrn.org.