Deputies nab man accused of abandoning child

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Authorities have arrested the Lawrenceville man accused of abandoning his 5-month-old daughter in the woods hundreds of yards from his home.

Gwinnett sheriff's deputies located 21-year-old Rayvon Gray at the Suburban Lodge hotel at the intersection of Satellite Blvd. and Ga. Highway 120 in Duluth Thursday morning, spokeswoman Stacey Bourbonnais said. Gray, wanted on cruelty to children, reckless conduct and battery warrants, had rented a room for the next five days, Bourbonnais said.

Police had visited Gray's home on James Road in Lawrenceville Monday in response to a domestic violence call. Gray allegedly punched the 19-year-old mother of his child in the face and stomach, leading his mother to arm herself before fleeing the house to call police.

When officers arrived, Gray and the 5-month-old infant were gone.

Police later found the child alone on a densely covered path some 300 yards from the home, allegedly lying near a black widow spider's web. A responding officer wrote in his report that the child's "attire would have likely resulted in her death as there is an abundance of wildlife in the area and the nighttime temperatures would drop significantly."

Bourbonnais said Gray was alone in his hotel room and did not resist deputies when they arrived to arrest him at about 11 a.m. Thursday.

Gwinnett County jail records show he is being held without bond.


NewsReader 3 years ago

Too bad they nabbed him instead of...oh, never mind. There are those that aspire to go to that eternal abyss that we all know as an alternative to heaven for that appointment that we all have in common, and then there are those that go for the fast pass and jump to the front of the line.


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