LETTERS: Biden/Obama out of touch

Obama and Biden out of touch with economic reality

Vice President Joe Biden recently, incredibly, proclaimed that governmental employees are suffering more from unemployment than people in private industry and thus tried to justify still another multi-billion dollar bailout. As a former federal employee, I very strongly suggest that "Big-Mouth" Joe hasn't a clue. The current administration of Obama/Biden is obviously out of touch with real America. Private industry employees are bleeding jobs but Biden and his boss are oblivious to the real problems and insist that growing the government will solve all problems. Even Bill Clinton knew better than this.

Although there are some government employees who have lost their jobs, I challenge any government employee (Federal/State/City/County) to give us any statistics that governmental employees have suffered more than us poor non-government workers or have lost jobs at a greater rate than those in the private sector. I respect government workers for their efforts, as I once was one, but I sincerely hope they realize that they have been largely sheltered from the current economic situation.

The Obama/Biden administration simply is out of touch with reality.

-- Ernest Wade,



Jan 3 years, 10 months ago

  1. I looked for the referenced statement from Joe Biden and could not locate it so suspect that your are echoing some pundit. (did find similar statements from others)
  2. It is true that in recent months job loss in the public sector is accelerating while the private sector is adding jobs. If it were not for public job loss, we would have increasing employment now.
  3. In addition to this accelerated job loss by public employees, the money saving techniques for governments has included unpaid furlough days and reduced work hours while these workers are expected to do the work of those laid off in addition to their normal duties. Looks to me, as usual, insults are used to distract from a complete lack of facts.

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