Gwinnett board delays vote on new ethics law

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Commissioners will take another month to mull changes to a county ethics ordinance, proposed a year after a special grand jury investigation lead to the resignation of the chairman and indictment of a commissioner.

No one voiced reservations about the proposed law, which would require disclosures of financial ties and gifts to commissioners and set up a new ethics panel. But Chairwoman Charlotte Nash said some board members wanted more time to look over the wording and talk to the county attorney.

"We worry about what we didn't think about," Commissioner Mike Beaudreau said, adding that he wanted to avoid unintended consequences. He added, "there are some clear lines of communication between citizens and the board. To me, that's one of the most important things."

Commissioners Shirley Lasseter and Lynette Howard, wearing coordinating witch hats in honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday, said they were both ready to vote in favor of the ordinance.

"It's on the up and up. It's transparent," Lasseter said, adding that she understood people wanting to take more time to study the proposal. "You have to be very careful with how they are written, so it can be something you can live by."

Commissioners tabled the decision to a Nov. 15 meeting.

Also Tuesday, county leaders gave the go-ahead for the construction of 500,000-square-foot building to house an expansion to Mitsubishi Electric and Electronics.

At the behest of neighbors to the Satellite Boulevard location, commissioners agreed to architectural enhancements recommended earlier this month by the Gwinnett Planning Commission.

The project is expected to allow the company to bring 200 new jobs to the area in the next 10 years.


KillJoy 3 years, 5 months ago

I guess the commissioners needed time to do a few more shady deals to get ready for Christmas. "Maybe next year....send in the clowns, don't bother, there here."


CD 3 years, 5 months ago

Here's a thought: Just do what you believe is right for the citizens, not the Chamber, not your developer friends, not Brett at Propeller, and certainly not for personal gain. It would have been nice if you put such care into a few of your past decisions and avoided the taxpayer a heavier burden.

But then again, that's asking much of a gluttonous heathen.


kevin 3 years, 5 months ago

Whenever politicians halt a process to discuss it with an attorney, citizens have to step back a moment and ponder. From a transparent point of view, why must they do this? Are they that worried their campaign contributions might be stopped by developers and others? Yes, I believe this is exactly what their thinking is. Commissioner Heard is the only one up there that I trust to be open to the public. We have already seen evidence from the other three when it comes to transparency. When it comes time to vote again. I hope taxpayers are not that blind and forgetful to remember what has transpired already. Once this recession is over, just watch all the deals that will be flying past you!


JohnGalt 3 years, 5 months ago

I concur with Kevin. Thus far, since Heard was elected, I believe him to be forthright and honest in his business dealings with the public. At least that has been my experience with him. You have to remember, he was elected to replace Kevin Kenerly, and I don't need to go down that path.

Now as for voting on an ethics policy, I find that to be absolutely RICH! LOL, it's reminiscent of having the fox guarding the hen house. You gotta love the sense of humor coming out of the commission office. Here's a clue for ya. Anything you do will be viewed as a complete joke so long as any member of the corrupt commission engine remains in office. We now have Heard to replace Kenerly and Nash to replace Bannister. Any time I have ever seen Beaudreau in action, he has exhibited the most pompous, arrogant, and hostile demeanor toward any constituent that has the wherewithal to challenge him or the commission. Tell us Mikey, was it a real testosterone rush for you, did it make you feel like a big boy, to have an officer escort one of our citizens to the door because your moderator refused to allow questions from the audience when it was patently obvious that was why most people were there? Sir, you don't have to worry about losing my vote. You have to worry about how many people I can convince to show you the exit door. Only we probably won't have the satisfaction of watching one of our fine officers of the law help you along the way. That's too bad. I'd pay good money to see that!


jack 3 years, 5 months ago

The ethics law should require the commissioners to disclose their relationships to those doing business with the county as well.


dav 3 years, 5 months ago

commissioners and ethics,what an oxymoron


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