LETTERS: Thomas column wrong in characterization of black voters

Cal Thomas's view on the voting habits of blacks ("Voting for Obama just because he's black is wrong," Oct. 20, 8A) is simply not true; he does not have a clue.

Thomas' views are from a society that has been among the privileged since America was taken away from the Native Americans. What he failed to mention, out of ignorance, is blacks will come out again, even in stronger numbers than before, because we are insightful people. Based on our orientation of the world, we know the obstacles the first black president has been confronted with from the opposite party. We see the massive disrespect, the indignation, the unwillingness to compromise, and the constant barrage of negative reporting along with the relentless disparaging statements and actions to sabotage his presidency.

For the other party to win would be like saying we give in and we will gracefully reward your bad behavior. No, we are indeed smarter than you think. Yes, we and other insightful people of all races are going to vote for Obama, not only because he is black, but also because of what he stands for and the way he has been treated as a result of being black. Hopefully, this time around he will get the support he needs to move his positive "change" agenda forward.

-- Karl Bryant,



impeich 3 years, 11 months ago

Mr. Bryant, you say that you are "smarter" than Cal Thomas thinks yet you evidentally did not read the same article by Mr Thomas that I did. No where in Mr Thomas' article did he say that blacks were stupid. What he did say is that voting for Obama or any other candidate simply because of the color of their skin is stupid. Unfortunately, most blacks that voted for Obama in the last election did just that, they voted for him because he is black. Now, they and all the other morons who voted him into office are seeing how wonderful he really is. Unemployment within the black community is higher now than before Obama took office, but I guess you blame that on white people. Mr Thomas quoted two black "leaders", Al Sharpton and Tom Joiner, who both said that blacks should vote for Obama in the next election simply because he is black. Of course, as I state above, that is what most blacks did last election and will do next election even though a lot of them are worse off than they were prior to him taking office. If any person, regardless of color, votes for a candidate based on the color of their skin alone, they are truly "stupid". If you fall into this catagory then I guess then you are "stupid" but not because of your skin color but because of the reason for your vote.


snellvillemike 3 years, 11 months ago

Mr. Bryant,

To suggest that an idividual should vote for someone based on their race is simply incredible and is racist. I would hope that someone would not do this, however, it is what many black voters may do and may have done, they may vote for a black man rather than a white man regardless of who has integrity. Some whites may vote for a white man instead of a black man, only because of race and some whites may vote for a black man only because of race. Shame on MLK's vision. Character should matter and when a politician hides facts from the public in order to press his own agenda, then the politician is without honor. They are not being forthright. Politicians need to stop taking bribes and payoffs. That is theft and deception. The President is not worthy of my vote based on character issues.


FordGalaxy 3 years, 11 months ago

"We see the massive disrespect, the indignation, the unwillingness to compromise, and the constant barrage of negative reporting along with the relentless disparaging statements and actions to sabotage his presidency."

As I read that quote, I couldn't help but remember the eight years George W. Bush was in office and how that statement applies to nearly the whole span of the Bush Administration. The Democrats held near super-majority status for around two years, and yet they still blame the GOP for their lack of accomplishment. The Dems did not produce a budget for over two years, and then pointed fingers at the GOP for not producing one within six months.

Also, Mr. Bryant, I'm glad to know that you speak for the entirety of the African-American population.


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