DISC SPOTLIGHT: 'Page One: A Year Inside the New York Times'

Page One: A Year Inside the New York Times Blu-ray (R)

Movie: 4 out of 4 stars

Disc: 3 out of 4 stars

Conceived as an expose on the rapidly changing nature of the newspaper industry, "Page One" is a documentary that plays out like a thriller thanks to an unseen world event that took place during filming. Rather than scrap what he'd already got in the can and/or freak out, director Andrew Rossi stayed calm, shifted his bearings and just ran with it. Needless to say, this is an indispensible must-see for anyone who works in the news industry or anyone who believes everything they read on the Internet.

Technical specs: aspect ratio: Widescreen (1080p/1.66:1), audio: English (DTS-HD MA 5.1), subtitles: Spanish.

Special features include:

Additional scenes

Extended interviews

Journalist reactions

Filmmaker Q&A

Iraq War report


(Magnolia, $29.98)