Enrique Iglesias at Arena at Gwinnett Center Thursday

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias

DULUTH -- The Arena at Gwinnett Center will be filled to the brim with Latin music loving men and women eager to see Enrique Iglesias perform with Pitbull and Prince Royce on the Euphoria Tour on Thursday night.

In 2010, Iglesias released a bilingual album called "Euphoria" that has blown up on the charts and hit double-platinum stature according to RIAA.

"I loved making this album bilingual. I've always wanted to do it," he said during a recent conference call. "A lot of the Hispanic people in the U.S. listen to English and vice versa."

The heartthrob is excited about this tour because he will be able to belt out ballads in English and Spanish for the audience, especially since there are hundreds of thousands of U.S. residents who speak in his native tongue.

"I alter my set list for places like Australia where they only speak English," Iglesias said. "But not in America, where there are Spanish speakers. It also depends on the city."

His fellow Latin performer Pitbull opens the show rapping in both languages which gives Iglesias a "feel" for his audience. They may seem like the odd couple -- pop singer and rap artist -- but two have been working together for years and have become friends.

"We both knew a lot of the same music. He's influenced by all types of music like me," Iglesias said about Pitbull. "We're both from Miami. We're both Hispanic. It felt real. It (the chemistry between them) didn't feel forced at all and that's why we continue to work together. He's talented and energetic."

Iglesias believes this tour will be much different from anything he has been a part of in the past.

"This tour has a much larger combination of songs," he said. "It's more electric musically than any other tour that I've done and I can write a set list songs from 1995 to 2011 in both English and Spanish."

The show starts at 7 p.m. with up-and-coming star Prince Royce.