LETTERS: Changing my mind on Rick Perry

I once thought Texas Gov. Rick Perry would make a good president because I believed he represented my interests. It looks like I erred in my judgment of him.

I kind of bought Perry's claim that he cared for innocent illegal alien students and thus granted them in-state tuition but now more information on Perry's actual stance is coming to light. Remember all those new jobs he claimed to have created in Texas? According to National Review Online, and other sources, 81 percent of the new jobs Perry claims to have created went to immigrants, about half of whom were illegal. The unemployment rate of native-Texans apparently matches that of the rest of America. Looks like Perry has supported the replacement of American workers with foreign workers, doesn't it?

Perry has repeatedly agreed with the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, that there should be open borders with Mexico. Now I find out that Perry opposes E-Verify and supports total amnesty of illegal aliens, although he prefers to call it a "guest worker plan." Perhaps all presidential candidates deceive us to some extent but Perry seems to be more of an expert than the others in concealing his true agenda.

I expect my candidate for president to tell the truth and to protect American sovereignty. Obviously, Perry, Obama and most of the others do not meet this requirement.

-- Ernest Wade,