Indictment names 2 in drug-house killing

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Two Gwinnett men are named in an indictment released Thursday as participants in a bloody, drug-related killing at an apartment complex last year.

Both suspects were allies of the victim, Pedro Ortiz-Gonzalez, who was fatally shot when waves of bullets flew on the evening of April 8 at the Sinclair Apartments near Norcross.

A Gwinnett grand jury on Wednesday handed down an indictment charging Federico Espinal and Benjamin Catalan-Gonzalez with felony murder, cocaine trafficking and aggravated assault.

Espinal was shot in the foot in the incident and found by police in nearby woods.

Stone Mountain resident Tommy Griffin admitted to coming to the apartment with a friend to purchase drugs. He was convicted for his role earlier this year.

After a disagreement about seeing the drugs, Griffin and his friend were reportedly ambushed by a rifle-toting man who sprung from a back closet.

Investigators have said about 35 shots rang out in a matter of seconds, dotting nearby apartments.

The injury that killed Ortiz-Gonzalez disfigured his face. He was declared brain dead three days later, according to statements in Griffin's trial.

Both sides agree the bullets that struck Ortiz-Gonzalez and Griffin were fired from the rifle, and were headed out the front door. Bullets from a handgun were fired in the opposite direction.

The indictment charges Espinal and Catalan-Gonzalez with shooting Griffin with a rifle. He made a full recovery.

Griffin was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison in July. His alleged companion, known only as "True," has not been located.