Gunfire at Loganville park under investigation

LOGANVILLE — Gwinnett police continue to investigate a brawl at a Loganville public park that resulted in gunfire last week where tempers have been flaring between youth in different sports for months, officials said Wednesday.

Bullets reportedly flew about 10:50 p.m. Friday at the lighted skate complex at Bay Creek Park on Ozora Road. No arrests have been reported.

Police responded to the park to find visitors fleeing in droves — scurrying away on foot and in speeding vehicles.

Witnesses ranging in age from 16 to 53 told police trouble ensued when five or six males emptied from vehicles in the skate complex parking lot and confronted a couple of BMX bicycle riders. Words led to pushing, then fighting.

Onlookers armed with skateboards joined the fracas and began striking one another, according to a police report.

“Witnesses stated that this caused several injuries and noticed several subjects laying on the concrete, rendered temporarily unconscious,” an officer wrote.

As the brawl reached a climax, a male suspect pulled a handgun from his wasteband and fired one round, dispersing the crowd. The alleged gunman ran to a light-colored sport utility vehicle and fired about four more shots in the air, witnesses told police.

“The injured subjects had either regained consciousness or were picked up off the ground and carried to a vehicle that fled the scene,” the report states.

Police located only two shell casings at the scene and filed them as evidence. They also catalogued several broken skateboards lying around the complex.

An officer noted that the root of the problem could have been an ongoing rift between skaters and other youth playing basketball at the park. The two groups have been known to volley insults back and forth and turn off the lights on each other’s areas at night, which had led to hostility in the past.

“The basketball players have notoriously had problems with the skaters and vice versa,” the officer wrote.

At the time of the gunfire, however, nobody was using the darkened basketball court and no witnesses mentioned basketball players being involved, the report states.

A handful of youngsters who continued to skate after shots were fired told police they were only worried the incident would reflect poorly on the park.


Mack711 3 years, 6 months ago

One has to ask several questions about this incident. Was this an adult supervised event? Why were they permitted to be in this park at the hour indicated in the article? Were any gangs invloved in this issue? Seems like this may be a late hour for these events to be held. The police response time was very quick, however maybe they should have some presence in this park durnig scheduled events at this hour. This is not an isolated event there seems to be problems at Pickneyville Park as well. Thank goodness no one was seriously injured in this incident and we can learn from this. Maybe closing the parks eariler,say around 9PM or so. Anyone found after closing should be subject to arrest. Duluth and Norcross are about to open parks like this and should be aware and prepare for something like this in their area.


grayram 3 years, 6 months ago

Mack, i don't believe this is a scheduled event. Just a public park were you come and go at your leisure and use the courts.


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