LETTERS: Perry favors open borders

Rick Perry supporters need to know the truth

Diehard Rick Perry for president supporters deserve to know that Perry's Texas Dream Act for illegals is but the tip of a giant and dangerous "factberg" on which the media has yet to provide focus.

Like the former Mexican president Vicente Fox, Perry, the would-be guardian of American security and sovereignty has proclaimed his support for open borders more than once since becoming governor of Texas.

At a 2001 border summit, Perry said, "President Fox's vision for an open border is a vision I embrace, as long as we demonstrate the will to address the obstacles to it. An open border means poverty has given way to opportunity, and Mexico's citizens do not feel compelled to cross the border to find that opportunity."

In 2007, in Mexico City for a trade mission, Rick Perry made it clear he would support a "free flow of individuals between these two countries who want to work and want to be an asset to our country and to Mexico." What's a little raging American unemployment between pals, aye?

In addition to vehemently opposing an Arizona/Georgia style state immigration law for Texas, supporting legalizing the illegals already here and rejecting the proven and no-cost E-Verify system to protect American jobs, Perry also put forth the basis for what can only be called "PerryCare -- a bi-national health care system that would include people on both sides of that apparently outdated international border between the American Republic and that paradise to our south.

It would be interesting to watch these little gems explained away if the MSM were to ever reveal them to American voters who should be asking why he is sinking in polls but is leading in campaign donations.

-- D.A. King

President, Dustin Inman Society