LETTERS: Columnist McCullough's Tea Party assessment off base



There is no link between protests and Tea Party

While I share Nate McCullough's concerns about the Tea Party, ("Wall Street protesters need clear goals to gain traction," Oct. 7, 6A) I believe his assessment is flawed on two points.

Initially the Tea Party goals were crystal clear: 1. No new taxes, and 2. Smaller more productive and efficient government. Both were realistic, well-defined and attainable as opposed to the Occupy Wall Street protest. Unfortunately the Tea Party has been hijacked by politically naive individuals (consider the Tea Party leaders in Gwinnett) who have lost focus on the two issues that created the initial need for a Tea Party.

The second flaw is the Tea Party attracted mainstream Americans who sought to bring political pressure to achieve their goals in a fairly peaceful manner. There were no mass arrests. "Occupy Wall Street" is simply a group of anarchists who seek to disrupt the financial communities across the U.S. for reasons that are unclear and/or poorly articulated.

There are many reasons to find fault with the current state of affairs within the movement known as the Tea Party, but linkage to "Occupy Wall Street" is only possible in the minds of those who see every corporate entity as an evil preying on unsuspecting innocent citizens.

-- Patrick Malone, Blairsville