POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Senators named taxpayer heroes

Georgia's U.S. senators received "Taxpayer Hero" awards from the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste last week.

The award goes to congressmen who work to increase transparency, minimize waste, eliminate earmarks and reduce the national debt.

U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss attributed his award to his work on FairTax legislation, which he reintroduced in the Senate, as well as the 2010 legislation he co-sponsored that prevented President Obama's tax hikes and would permanently extend tax-relief provisions.

"It's an honor to be recognized for voting in a fiscally conservative manner, Chambliss said. "I believe that raising taxes on individuals, families and small businesses especially in this economic climate is a bad idea. The American public is not under-taxed; instead, the American government overspends. Congress should work to reduce spending, not raise taxes."

Isakson said his top priorities are reining in government spending and reducing the debt.

"With a national debt skyrocketing past $14 trillion, it is imperative that we get our country's fiscal house in order," Isakson said. "One of the most important steps Congress can take to resolve this fiscal crisis is to make the commitment to cutting government waste."

In a press release, Isakson said he has a longstanding record of demonstrating fiscal responsibility. In his congressional office, for example, he has returned more than $3 million of his annual budget to the Treasury over the years as a former member of the House and as a current member of the Senate.

This year, he introduced legislation to convert congress to a biennial budgeting system to increase oversight and efficiency in the appropriations process.Woodall on 10 years of warPoliticians reflected this week on the 10 years since the nation's war on terrorism began.

Here is what U.S. Rep. Rob Woodall, R-Lawrenceville, wrote in a statement:

"As I write this, thousands of brave American and NATO troops are stretched across Afghanistan bravely fighting to bring peace and security to that war torn nation. For 10 years these brave men and women have been leaving the comforts of home and their loved ones to put their lives on the line. Nearly 1,800 of their brothers and sisters have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, and we must never forget that their blood has paid for our freedom and security.

"Many in America question our continued presence in Afghanistan, and I share their concerns, especially in light of the high price we ask from our troops. America and our NATO allies cannot pull the weight of Afghanistan for the Afghans forever; they must rise up and take full responsibility for their country's future themselves. That said, I strongly applaud our military and all it is doing to help the Afghan people live as free and as prosperous as we do in the United States.

"After all, freedom is not a uniquely American ideal, but a right bestowed upon all men by God."Political Notebook appears in the Thursday and Sunday editions of the Gwinnett Daily Post.

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