Suwanee gets national awards for citizen survey

SUWANEE -- The city of Suwanee recently learned how the results of its 2010 citizen survey compared with the rest of the country -- and the answer was very, very well.

The city received two "Voice of the People" excellence awards from the International City/County Management Association, marking the fact that it had the highest resident-rated parks and overall services among more than 500 communities surveyed nationwide. Suwanee was one of only nine communities throughout the country, and the only one from Georgia, to be recognized.

"This means a lot to us, to be recognized on a national level because our citizens have expressed a high rate of satisfaction with our services," said Marty Allen, Suwanee's city manager. "You've got to remember that the communities that typically participate in the National Citizen Survey are among the best of the best, so it's really saying something to be at the top among this group."

Suwanee conducted its survey last November and released the results in February. In that survey, 98 percent of surveyed citizens said that the city was an excellent (68 percent) or good (30 percent) place to live. Ninety-five percent of those surveyed rated Suwanee's parks as excellent or good.