LETTERS: 'Muslims for Life' blood drive a success

I am pleased to inform the readers about Ahmadiyya Muslim Community's successful "Muslims for Life" campaign. The goal was to honor victims of 9/11 by having blood drives. This campaign enabled us only to shed blood in order to give the gift of life to 30,000 fellow Americans by collecting 10,000 pints of blood nationally.

It was no doubt seemingly an ambitious task by any standards keeping in view the sensitivity among general public on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Amazingly the target was achieved due to the tremendous support from people from every walk of life who embraced the idea coming from a moderate Muslim community. Georgia Chapter, which I am a member of, contributed more than 1,200 units towards the 11,000 plus pints collected (by a total of 71 nation wide chapters).

This feat went to prove the fact that Georgians have a big heart when it comes to giving. There were a few who were still hurting from wounds of 10 years ago and were not open to joining hands with us, but the majority showed compassion to the cause and to the idea behind it, the belief in sanctity of life and to say "no" to terrorism of any sort.

Saima Ahmad,