Warrant: Parent jailed for impeding school bus

NORCROSS -- A Norcross woman was jailed this week for allegedly heading off a school bus with her car, forcing herself aboard and removing her son.

Sheriff's Deputies arrested Stephanie Mims, 30, on warrants Tuesday charging her with disruption of a public school and reckless conduct, both misdemeanors.

The incident happened the morning of Aug. 17 and involved a Summerour Middle School bus, according to a school police report.

An angry Mims illegally passed the bus and intentionally swerved back "in such close proximity to the front of the bus that the bus driver had to take evasive action," an arrest warrant states.

At the intersection of Mitchell Road and Ballard Way in Norcross, Sims parked and blocked the bus in traffic, forcibly opened the secured bus door, pulled her son off the bus and walked him to her car, the warrant states.

The bus driver reported the incident to a supervisor two days later.

Mims posted $2,600 bond and was released from the Gwinnett County Jail on Wednesday.

-- Josh Green


R 4 years ago

Reported TWO days later? AH, that seems a bit odd. Would LOVE to hear why this happened to begin with, guess the minor child was grounded or something. So you want to learn huh? I'll show you!


CrazyDiamond 4 years ago

The bus driver reported the incident two days later? What?


ssilover1 4 years ago

Way to go bus driver!!! It is time to stop putting up with kids and parents who endanger others. Mom, you got what you asked for. And to you other bloggers, quit refocusing the inappropriateness of what happened on the driver. If Mom had not acted like this, there would be no arrest.


3mom3 4 years ago

While it is a little odd the driver waited 2 days to report....what was the mom thinking. I am sure there are plenty of witnesses to back up the story of the driver. The drivers do not get paid enough to take the crap that they get from kids and parents.


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