Ambulances, police cruisers to get Peach Passes

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Peach Passes will soon be in the mail for Gwinnett's police officers and firefighters.

Gwinnett commissioners approved an agreement with the State Road and Tollway Authority for free access to the High Occupancy Toll lanes activated along Interstate 85 over the weekend.

"That's our greatest interest is using them to transport (patients) to hospitals downtown," Gwinnett Fire Chief Bill Myers said. "I don't know if (traffic) will be better or worse, but the important part is having access so we don't have to sit in the traffic."

While Gwinnett Medical Center has a trauma center, Myers said medics often have to transport trauma victims to Atlanta Medical Center and Grady Hospital, and younger patients are often transported to one of the children's hospitals in Atlanta.

Not only will access to the express lanes help patients get to care downtown, but it will also allow the county ambulances to get back to Gwinnett in a timely manner to wait for the next call, Myers said.

Police Chief Charles Walters said the express lanes will also help police officers.

"We travel down the interstate all the time," he said. "That's the quickest way to get around here."

While Gwinnett will not be charged when public safety vehicles use the toll lanes, according to the agreement, the tollway authority has asked that the county vehicles be registered, so data can be maintained.

The authority released more statistics on the opening days of the new system Tuesday.

On Monday, a total 3,217 registered vehicles used the express lanes, SRTA officials said, although they did not say how many paid the toll, as carpoolers with three or more people in a vehicle are exempt.

During the afternoon rush hour, express lane users cut their commutes in half, taking 16 minutes to travel the 16-mile stretch from Old Peachtree Road to Chamblee-Tucker Road, compared to 34 minutes for people in the general purpose lanes during the most congested timeframe for commuters returning from Atlanta to Gwinnett.

The toll rate peaked at $5.40 for the entire stretch, or about 34 cents a mile. The price for the stretch was about 10 cents less than the peak that morning, but on Tuesday morning, the high amount was $5.55.

The speeds for both rush hours were similar. Monday afternoon, people in the express lanes reached speeds of 52 mph, compared to 30 mph on average in the general purpose lanes. Tuesday morning, the average speed in the express at Pleasant Hill Road (the most congested part of the corridor) was 54 mph, compared to an average of 28 mph in the general purpose lanes.


hpytravlr 3 years, 9 months ago

The HOT lanes proves why the Government can never be trusted.


studentgt 3 years, 9 months ago

So... If any driver has to cross the double white lines to exit the lane when the emergency vehicle passes will they be given a ticket???


Mack711 3 years, 9 months ago

You mean to say that if you cross the double line at any time you get a ticket? How much will that cost you? Even more reason not to use the HOT lanes.


R 3 years, 9 months ago

YES you DO!!!
As to the total, well that could go from 25.00 to 150.00 Do Ya feel lucky punk? Well... Do Ya?


R 3 years, 9 months ago

The question I have is did the county open a 20.00 account for each vehicle peach-pass or was it done COMPLETELY free? Seems like it should be free since EMS vehicles on a call could use the lanes at any time - anyway. Have you ever seen a cruiser, ambulance or fire truck stop for a toll - ANYWHERE?


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