No snow but winter drizzle makes for 'nasty' commute

LAWRENCEVILLE -- One word to describe Tuesday's commute?


Any imagined hopes of a shimmering, snowy landscape were dashed by the cold reality of what Christine Redman called "gross, gross weather."

Like others around Gwinnett County, the Lawrenceville resident braved the morning and afternoon commutes as a winter mixture lingered throughout much of North Georgia, leaving zero snow on the ground.

"They were talking on the news last night about snow. That we might see snow, and we end up with this," said Redman Tuesday as she pumped gas at a Lawrenceville station.

"This kind of weather is just annoying," she added.

Forecasters said the clouds would clear, and drizzling precipitation should be gone by Wednesday morning.

Any snow that fell Tuesday night didn't have a chance of sticking to the ground, said Meteorologist Robert Garcia with the National Weather Service in Peachtree City.

"The ground's too warm for it to stick in the metro Atlanta area," Garcia said.

Garcia added that Wednesday and Thursday should be sunny with highs in the upper 50s followed by a slightly warmer weekend with highs in the 60s.

"That's what we're forecasting," Garcia said. "It can always change."

Redman said she monitors the forecast daily.

"If it says it's going to snow, then I get my hopes up like everybody else. Everybody loves snow," she said. "Nobody likes this cold drizzle stuff."