POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Woodall disappointed by balanced budget vote

For months, U.S. Rep. Rob Woodall has talked with excitement about the promised balanced budget amendment vote.

Last week, the Lawrenceville Republican was disappointed with the results.

"As the final vote was cast ... applause broke out on the Democrat side of the House Floor. For a party whose president continues to trumpet 'we can't wait' any longer to take action on fixing America's economic woes, one would think a 'yes' vote on today's bill would have been an easy one," Woodall said in a statement. "The national debt surpassed $15 trillion this week, making the amount of money we owe equal to the size of our national economy. Continuing down the path of borrowing and taxing Americans today and our future generations will only push our country toward the path of Italy and Greece."

When the debt ceiling compromise allowed for the vote, Woodall said he hoped for a more restrictive amendment. But Republican brought a broader bill to the floor, hoping for bipartisan support.

"I was proud to cast my vote in favor of this permanent solution to our nation's fiscal irresponsibility," he said. "The passage of this Balanced Budget Amendment would have marked a significant change in the Washington, D.C., landscape by requiring the government to do as Americans across this great land do every day -- live within its means."Peachtree Corners qualifyingNext week, the leaders for Gwinnett's newest cities will begin to emerge.

Qualifying for the first election of the Peachtree Corners City Council begins Monday at the Gwinnett Elections office.

The candidates have until noon Wednesday to file paperwork and pay a fee to get on the March 6 ballot. The qualifying fee is $270 for mayor and $240 for each of the six council seats (cash, check or money order).

Mike Mason, the United Peachtree Corners Civic Association president who has led the campaign for the city, is expected to run for mayor. And Robert Byars, who sought the District 2 commission seat last year, has announced a council race.

For more information about qualifying, call the Gwinnett County Elections Office at 678-226-7210.

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kevin 3 years, 10 months ago

I guess it is the Democrats turn to be the party of NO. No to stop spending No to passing GOP bills No to doing anything to create jobs. No to stop giving money away to our enemies. No to balancing the budget No to anything but socialism.


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